Woman at the Piano by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman at the Piano


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Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA

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Print of Woman at Piano
Is it worth taking to the antique roadshow in Cleveland July 11, 2015?
Posted by DeeAnn Tokar on 12. June 2015. at 12:46
I have that same lady at the piano. Are they worth anyth
Posted by Gladys on 06. November 2014. at 20:17
Price on a copy of Lady At The Piano
I would like to know if this painting has ant value to it
Posted by Janet Brown on 07. September 2014. at 10:07
Young woman at the piano
Purchase painting some 20 years ago of young women at the piano around the Toronto area wondering if it is a reprint or were their several done by Renoir. The I is backwards and the r looks almost like a z. Thank you If not real is their any value to it
Posted by Donald Cornell on 14. November 2013. at 07:25
lady at piano
I have a painting in wood frame on back it has pierre auguste renoir 1841-1919 and the painting is a lady at piano with signature. Do you know if this is real deal and how much it is worth?
Posted by deborah on 18. June 2012. at 20:55
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