Bather Arranging her Hair by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Bather Arranging her Hair


Information about painting

Dimensions: 92.5 x 74 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA

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nice nude
wheres the lower parts. love the titties
Posted by jeff on 22. November 2011. at 16:59
A truly lovely nude.
Posted by Filep on 20. December 2008. at 21:11
io think it sucks
Posted by Beau on 14. October 2008. at 08:58
real beauty
This is my favourite painting of all times.Every woman should look like her.Simply wonderful.
Posted by Srbin on 03. March 2008. at 07:13
bather arranging her hair
simply beautiful
Posted by bastiaan bloem on 15. January 2007. at 11:24
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