Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Roses and Jasmine in a Delft Vase


Information about painting

Type: Oil on canvas
Location: The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Can you please send me information on this painting?! ASAP
Posted by Amy Gerrard on 15. June 2014. at 10:07
Hi i love this painting one of my favourites can you please send me information on it . ASAP thanks
Posted by Janelle on 12. February 2009. at 19:06
art essay
hiya can you please send me some infomation about this picture , for my art essay , cheers
Posted by amy johnston on 08. December 2007. at 14:41
Breathtaking.The beauty it holds will last forever.
Posted by Kim on 19. September 2007. at 18:30
Its one of the best still life paintings...I loved it the moment i saw it..and i am painting it myself..lets see how far i can paint it!
Posted by Pragati. on 30. July 2007. at 00:43
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