On the Terrace by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

On the Terrace


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Dimensions: 81 x 100.5 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Renoir "On the Terrace"
I am wondering how to estimate the value of this painting and possibly sell. It has been in my family for over 50 years. It says W.C. Miller Art Shop Portsmouth, OH on the back.
Posted by Jennifer Ramsier on 11. November 2012. at 14:36
value of a litho
I discovered what looks like a litho of #49 On the Terrace by Renior. How much is it worth?
Posted by David Moore on 20. May 2012. at 22:42
original or fake
How can you tell if the painting is real or fake.
Posted by jerry coleman on 28. April 2012. at 21:37
Renoir 81
I have a Renoir 81 oil on canvas that has been in the family for approx. 80 years. It is approx. 24" wide by 33" tall. A tag on the back says Artist Renoir #684 on the terrace.
Could this be one of the originals? The lower right corner is signed Renoir 8l. Thank you
Posted by Lisa Gourley on 08. December 2011. at 18:12
renoir #18 oil painting
I have a renoir "on the terrace" oil painting on canvas. #18, signed "renoir" it says "custom" on the frame. it also says IMCO on the frame. Very old hooks for hanging on it and the frame has four layers to it. It is approx. 16" x 20" without the frame. How can I tell if this is an original and if it is what is it worth?
Posted by Rose on 08. October 2011. at 09:53
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