A Girl with a Watering Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

A Girl with a Watering Can


Information about painting

Dimensions: 103 x 73.2 cm
Type: Oil on canvas
Location: National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Shop: Buy oil on canvas handmade reproduction

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Renior, A Girl With a Watering Can
I purchased a framed print, 10 1/2 by 13 1/2 frame. Renoir 76 on bottom right corner, on back a note: Renoir (1841-1919) A Girl With a Watering Can (Chester Dale Collection, on Loan) . Any idea what it is worth? Thank you
Posted by Barbara Carr on 13. February 2015. at 16:05
Renoir- A Gift With A Watering Can
A gift without a watering can/ Renoir
Printed in the usa- right hand corner
Renoir 76-right hand corner
Published by Nelson Doubleday, inc- left hand corner
Is this print worth anything or shall I put it in my garage sale?
Posted by Linda on 13. October 2014. at 07:45
renoir painting
I think I have the real deal here,,it says renior 76. on right side and on left it says published by doubleday inc. national gallery of art Washington d.c chester dale collection and in middle it says a girl with a watering can n rgt under says renior printed in usa........this is a old old painting as my grandma who was a weathly lady died n left it to me,,her husband knew Renoir she told me..please email me with I nfo jaybay283@gmail.com thanks
Posted by jay on 23. July 2014. at 13:13
Renoir painting
I bought a Renoir painting at a thrift store ...it is signed Renoir...could this be an original
Posted by Mary on 10. July 2014. at 17:27
Your comment is sick
Posted by P on 08. July 2014. at 11:19
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